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Class Rooms and libraries

HCAT believes that education should use latest technologies, so we brought 'SMART CLASSROOMS' which help to capture student's attention by integrating teaching methods with the technology. The idea behind SMART classrooms is to engage students in a lesson by presenting material through intriguing visuals on a multi-media system that incorporates the use of Internet, PowerPoint, YouTube and other social media platforms much more effectively than its one-dimensional chalkboard counterpart. Not only is the technology user-friendly, it is designed to blend into the architecture so that it becomes part of the classroom effectively attracting students further into study.

All of our Classrooms are Smart Class Rooms with LCD Projector, Internet Connectivity and Audio Systems. This helps the faculty members to use audio visual clippings and access to internet to make the classes more effective and interesting. This technology not only helps to deliver an interesting lecture but also provide time and platform for interactive learning where more students in the class can participate and benefit.

TThe visual aids are helping our students to present their projects, documentaries, seminars etc. We are also using this facility for conducting different workshops for the students in the classrooms. In addition, all class rooms have been designed with good ventilation and space. There are separate halls for conducting examinations.

A separate library is available with all the AME books and internet facility. Apart from this AME library, there is a Central Library of Noorul Islam University which houses thousands of books ranging from technology to topics of general nature. A facility for Photostatting and printing is attached with this.