Kanyakumari, India

+91 9946668103


There are 3 big aircraft hangers which houses 5 different aircrafts and other various engine and equipments.

Aircrafts available:

1) Learjet 25D (Two General Electric CJ610-6 X6 single-rotor axial-flow turbojet engines)

2) Cessna 150 Commuter aircraft (Continental O-200A)

3) Beechcraft Queen Air 80 (Two Avco Lycoming-IGSO-540-A1A)

4) Pushpak aircraft (Continental C-90-8F)

5) Stinson L-5 Sentinel (Lycoming O-435-1)

Engines Available:

1) General Electric CJ610-6 X6 (Turbojet engines)-2

2) Continental O-200A (Piston engine)-1

3) Avco Lycoming-IGSO-540-A1A (Piston engines)-2

4) Continental C-90-8F (Piston engines)-2

5) WSK SO-3 (Polish Turbojet engine)-1

6) Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp R-1830-92 (Radial Engine)-1

7) Klimov TV3-117 Mt (Turboshaft Helicopter engine)-1

8) Avon Rolls Royce (Jet engine)-1

9) Tumansky R-11F2S-300 (Turbojet Engine)-1

10) Lycoming O-435-1 (Piston Engine)-1

11) Ivchencko AI-20M (Turboprop Engine)-1