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1) Aircraft Engines lab
Engines are considered as a heart (power source) of aircraft. The institute lab has a lot of engine components and accessories as placed in lab for ease of inspection & understanding of their design, construction, materials, attachment & functional features.

2) Aircraft Instruments lab
This lab has a variety of aircraft instruments used in different type of civil & military aircrafts. The lab is dedicated to develop the skills of candidate/person by its basic & advanced system mock-ups in line with aircraft genuine instruments.

3) Aircraft Radio-Communication equipments lab
The lab is to train a student on radio & navigation system components & different terms used in controlling of air traffic in aviation. It has a number of layouts, training kits, transmitting circuits & their corresponding receivers.

4) Aircraft Airframe lab
The Lab has a variety of airframe components in discrete quantity with which it is easily used to describe all basic & advanced system in terms of construction, layout, uses & operational features.

5) Aircraft Electrical lab
AME department has a well-equipped electrical lab. It is furnished by a number of components, item of equipment's and system layout with system demonstration mock-ups. They are managed in a way that student is able to understand working & system operation of these in aircraft.

6) Basic Electrical, Electronics and Digital labs
Electronics Lab is equipped with CROs, Function Generators, Power supplies, various ranges of Voltmeters and Ammeters, Multimeters DRBs, DIBs, and DCBs. In addition, LCR and Components tester are also available. Digital Laboratory is equipped with IC trainer kits, IC testers, Function generators, CROs including Storage Oscilloscope, and all ranges of Power supplies. Various Instrumentation Kits are available in the Laboratory.

7) Computer lab
College is having a well equipped centralized computer lab centre. This laboratory caters for the growing requirements of the students in the college. It is connected with the College LAN and is used for a wide variety of applications. Access to both offline and online Internet services is available.

We have various other Labs and Shops like,

8) Smithy shop
9) Battery charging room
10) Welding shop
11) Lathe and Machine shops
12) Composite material lab
13) Sheet Metal Shop